Monday, October 5, 2009


Here's my new sketchblog. It's called "If This Be Sketchblog...!" I'm gonna post drawings here, hopefully just about every day. Here's a tentative schedule:

Marvel Monday: I'll post something relating to Marvel Comics.
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Sketchblog!: I'll post something Batman related.
Hump Day Grab Bag: Every Wednesday, I'll post a random sketch.
Avengers Assemble!: I'll post something Avengers related.
DC Friday: I'll post something DC Comics related.

I'll try to post a random assemblage of art over the weekend, but Saturday and Sunday postings won't be an every week occurence. I'm also happy to accept suggestions from readers as to which characters or subjects to tackle, and if you really want something special, I do comissions as well.

Marvel Monday will be posted later today!

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